Small Groups

Small Groups are an integral part of life in WPC. We currently have 14 Small Groups with well over 100 people involved. Small Groups meet in homes on the second and fourth weeks of the month, the majority meeting on a Wednesday evening. There is a Small Group that is suitable for you! You can request to be placed into a Small Group and find out more information by contacting the Church office.

Telephone:- 028 3888 2654



Small Groups help us to fulfil the core objectives of our Vision Statement:

GROW in the knowledge of God – they are a place where people can learn from God’s Word and pray together. Over the past four years, as well as studying books of the Bible, we have been studying the themes under the Presbyterian Church’s Fit for Purpose series, exploring how we can be the Church that God wants us to be.

LOVE and serve one another – Small Groups are units of pastoral care in the congregation with the members being encouraged to care for one another through practical support and prayer.

OFFER hope – Small Groups are encouraged to be outward looking, thinking about how they can be involved in sharing Jesus with others.  Some Small Groups have volunteered to help in mission projects within WPC and our community.

WORSHIP God together – Small Groups provide an opportunity for people to praise God and celebrate the grace that He has shown us in Christ.

Small Group Material