Our Mission

To Know Jesus Christ and make Him known

Our Vision

With the Holy Spirit’s help we want to live:

  1. UPWARD lives of vibrant praise, worship & growth 
  2. INWARD lives of sacrificial devotion & fellowship to one another 
  3. OUTWARD lives of unconditional love & creative service to the community and world around us 

Our Core Values – “This is Us – 11 Marks”



JESUS: we are always, only about Jesus. His name is the name we honour and to Him we always point. (Phil 2:9-11) 

GOSPEL: the gospel is central in WPC. The gospel is Good News – not of how good people can become better but of how ‘dead’ people can come to ‘life.’ The gospel is revealed from Genesis to Revelation and so the whole counsel of Scripture will always be of greatest importance to us. (Luke 24:25-27) 

WORSHIP: is a lifestyle. When we ‘scatter’ we use our whole lives to worship God. However, when we ‘gather’, our worship gathering ought to be vibrant, always thankful, life-giving and full of ‘the joy of the LORD’, through every season of life. (Romans 12:1-2; Ps 100) 

DEPENDENCE: prayer is as natural as breathing for us. Prayer is good for us. We are a praying people – not because we think it’s a good idea but because it’s absolutely necessary. We are not independent but dependent people – we fully depend on God’s power and the indwelling presence and leading of the Holy Spirit. We are also an inter-dependent ‘body’ of people where every part of the body needs the other parts to function fully. (Eph 6:18; 1 Thess 5:16-18) 



FAMILY: we value family. We are a ‘family of families’ and a family to those without one. Church ‘membership’ is very important to us but so too are our relationships with one another. We value the importance of ‘speaking the truth in love’ to one another, for our good and for our growth. WPC is our spiritual ‘home.’ In our home we love one another sacrificially. (Eph 2:19) 

GENEROSITY: within our church family generosity is normal. The God we worship is the source of ultimate generosity to humankind and so we love, serve and give generously in the understanding that He has first been so generous to us. Our generosity is not about our wealth or money as much as it is about our heart. Giving is worship. (Ps 37:21; Rom 12:8) 

COMMUNITY: at WPC we value ‘we’ over ‘me.’ We seek to develop and nurture a culture of ‘we’ where we are ‘all in this together.’ As such, our leadership prerogative will be to equip and empower the saints for the work of the ministry. (Eph 4:12) 



MISSION: we understand God to be a God of mission and that we are ‘sent’ people – sent into the world with the gospel. We want to increasingly cultivate a ‘missional’ culture and language within WPC. This will always be of both local and global significance. (John 20:21)

KINGDOM: we understand the Kingdom of God to be much bigger than ‘us in our small corner’ and so we value Kingdom partnerships, as the Holy Spirit directs us. This will cause us to value our Presbyterian identity and will certainly cause us to reach beyond that as well. (Luke 13:29-30) 

CREATIVITY: we realise that people are increasingly disconnected from church and Christian community, so we will endeavour to be creative in how we reach out into our world, without ever losing our gospel distinctiveness. We believe God to be the ultimate source of creative power whose creativity lives within us as His people. (Rom 1:25) 

HUMILITY: we are always called to imitate the humility of Jesus. We don’t automatically carry the right to invade people’s lives and so wherever we reach out with the gospel we will do so with humility, yet a humility that is deeply confident in Christ. (Phil 2:1-5)


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