As a member congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, our church is governed by a Kirk Session made up of 15 Elders. The Elders are led by David Crawford who is our Clerk of Kirk Session.

The elders are responsible for the spiritual oversight and direction of the church. They are assisted by a Congregational Committee that under the stewardship of the acting Church Secretary and Church Treasurers are responsible for the practical and financial aspects of all church affairs.

The current Church Elders are: David Crawford; David Munroe; Sam Moffett; Tyrell Arnold;  Ken McKeown; Roy McCullough; James McNeill; Bobby Boyd; Basil McDowell; Brian Taylor; Brian Hanna; Michael Cregan; Andrew Patterson; Stephen Bond.

The current church committee is: Paul Barbour; Ed Brown; Stephen Cordner; Stephen Corr; Richard Falls; Simon Fitzpatrick; Trevor Gardner; Andy Harrison; Enoch Henning; David Hewitt; Aaron Logan; Aaron McDowell; Craig McKeown; Philip Wright; Peter Maxwell; Jonny Moore; Melvyn Hamilton

David Crawford

David Crawford

Clerk of Kirk Session