CHURCH SERVICES each Sunday morning during July & Aug at 10.30am (no evening services)

SHINE:  WPC Summer Bible Week 1st – 5th August.  Exciting week for ages P1 up to Year 10.  In the morning there will be a programme for everyone and in the afternoon/evening there will be special activities for young people going into years 8 to 10.

For more info contact Michael Cregan (07801 089115) or for yr8-10 Chris (07725 170295)

gLo WARINGSTOWN 22nd – 26th Aug.  This is a community outreach programme for ages 14+.  There will be some changes this year so stay tuned for ways in which you can get involved!

For more info contact Chris (07725 170295) or Neil (07745 534886)

BASEMENT SUMMER SCHEME:  There will be several trips dotted throughout the summer for young people aged 13-17 including Watersports, Airsoft, Coasteering, Portrush & Karting!

For more info contact Neil (07745 534886).