Shine Online is open to ANYONE – you don’t have to be a WPC regular nor do you even have to live in the country to participate!!

Shine Online will involve online videos and age group Zoom calls each morning of the week beginning the 3rd August. 10:30am-12:15pm (zoom call will be during this this)

We will provide an activity pack for each child registered which will include everything they will need for their Zoom Call. These can be collected if you live locally or delivered if you’re further afield!

SHINE PLUS info coming soon!! (YEAR 8 – 10)

We also have a special BLAST announcement coming soon too!! (Children with additional needs) However, if you think your child would enjoy watching the online videos and participating in the Zoom calls with their peers then please sign them up, we are however working to provide more appropriate material that they may engage with better and enjoy even more.

Normally Shine is for children *going into* P1-7 but we understand that younger children in the house may want to get involved in the activities.

Anyone who may appear on a Zoom call should be registered and only those registered will receive a pack.

If you have a child younger than P1 and wish for them to receive a pack, please give their correct age but then sign them up for whatever zoom call your older child will be in. For this reason, unfortunately only children younger than P1, with older siblings can participate.

If you only have ONE device for Zoom but more than one child then please choose which age group all your children will participate in.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Suzie (07706797647)