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Contact Suzie for more info 07706797647

A place for kids in P5 – P7 to unwind on Friday nights. Fun Club usually meets once a month at our Church Hall between 7.00 and 8.45/9.00pm.  Contact Suzie on 07706 797647.

Friday Fun Club is a youth club held at  Waringstown Presbyterian Church (WPC). Attracting over 50 P5-P7s, the club is a place where young people in the village can meet up with their friends after a long week of school, as well as learn more about God.
Usually lasting from 7pm to 9pm, Friday Fun Club is led by a group of faithful volunteers. The night usually consists of lots of games, normally a crazy game of dodgeball or uni-hoc happens where some leaders can get very competitive!! The highlight for many young people is the Tuckshop, which is always stocked full of the sweets your parents don’t let you buy!! However, the most important part of the evening is the 15 minutes where  we stop to hear from the Bible and get to know our great God a bit more. One leaders comments:
“We want all our fun clubbers to know that God loves them and so we make time each week, amidst the craziness, to tell them the amazing good news of  Jesus, through Bible stories.”
 suzi-300x450Throughout the year there are also exciting outings to the cinema, go-karting and more! Friday Fun Club has a positive impact on our community as it allows the children to socialise outside of school in a safe and fun environment, and it gives parents a few hours of peace!
Fun Club is led by Suzie Parkes who is the Children’s and Family  worker for WPC. In her role she helps to serve families and children in Waringstown. Suzie studied Early Childhood at Stranmillis University College for 3  years, during which she gained lots of experience on how best to engage children in learning, and how their brains and minds  work. She hopes to use all the skills and knowledge she gained to shape the children’s ministry in WPC.
Suzie is involved in Sunday School, Messy Church, Little Lambs, Blast and Friday Fun Club. She also hopes to be a service to the Primary School to ensure every child hears about the love of Jesus. Suzie’s title is Children’s and Family Worker because she believes family is so important to any child. For most children it is their family who they spend most of their time with, therefore parents have a major influence on the development of the child, especially their spiritual growth. As a church we  want to help them by equipping them and training them, so they can grow in faith as a family.  
When asked “What are you most excited about as you begin your role with WPC?” Suzie said “I love working with children, I love getting to know them and sharing Jesus with them. Each one of them is so precious and so important and I want to make sure they know that! So often in our society our children are overlooked, we refer to them as the next or future generation but actually they are present now, so we need to treat them like that. They are capable of understanding Jesus now and living their life wholeheartedly for Him now…that’s so exciting!!”
For more information on any of the youth programmes in  Waringstown Presbyterian Church, check out the rest of our website!