“Mummy, I was at the best party ever last night!” a quote from one of our Blast kids when she woke up the morning after our very first meeting.

BLAST – I suppose the name doesn’t really tell you much, nor does it have any relevance – we just thought it was a cool name, so let me explain to you what ‘Blast’ is. Blast is our new all inclusive kids club for primary school aged children with any form of additional needs.

As a church we believe that there is no limit or boundaries to God’s love, it’s for everyone. Therefore, Blast started because we realised that some of the programmes that we offer to this age group aren’t accessible for all and aren’t all inclusive. We want to ensure that every child has opportunity to experience Gods love. Blast allows children of all abilities to do this, to worship God and hear His word in a suitable environment and in an understanding way.

We have many skilled volunteers who communicate and interact with the children to allow them to have the best possible time there. Our leaders love serving in this way and see this as such an important ministry. We also want to provide support to our parents too as we know life is busy and stressful sometimes. We offer tea and coffee for the parents if they want to stay, relax and talk to other parents or leaders but we also know that in 45 minutes on your own you could get a lot done! So if parents want to go home or go and do some messages then you’ll know that your child is safe and in capable hands.

We would love for you to join us!

Consent forms available to print at Waringstown Presbyterian Church facebook page.

For more information or details please contact Suzie on 07706797647 or