Prayer Points During Lockdown

Give Thanks:

Praise be to God for he is in control and sovereign over all.

Praise God for all his blessings keeping us safe, in good health, roof over our head, food to eat, clothes to wear.

Give thanks for all who are involved in our services on Sunday.

Pray for:

Stuart, for his teaching and leadership at this time.

Susie Taylor who is doing an amazing job with our kids.

Conor who is looking after our teenagers, and helping in the community.

For Pamela and Brian working diligently behind the scenes.

Our missionaries throughout the world.

Pastors and undertakers dealing with funerals.

Grieving families who have lost love ones recently.

Our NHS and all the care workers.

Frustration with social isolation & feelings of loneliness.

Safety for children and teachers at school.

Guidance, patience and wisdom for those doing home schooling.

Safety for our loved ones continuing to go out to work.

Always remembering the prodigals.

For persecuted Christian’s all over the world.

Loved ones who need our Saviour and Salvation.

Pray for the leaders of our country – for wisdom in decision making.

That we stay focused on the things that are important.