Prayer Points

Give thanks:

    • To God for the lovely weather recently and the opportunity to enjoy all the blessings of creation.
    • For the successful rescue of the young people from the flooded caves in Thailand.


    • For the safety of all our young people during the summer holidays.
    • For all the activities for young people, especially the work of CSSM and Scripture Union teams around the coast. Remember Mark Hawthorne and his CSSM team in Castlerock and many others engaged in summer outreach programmes.
    • Remember before God the activities planned for our own congregation and community over the summer. Pray that all leaders and helpers will be blessed and energised for their tasks.
    • Continue to pray for our pulpit vacancy and for the work of the Session and Hearing Committee. Pray that God will lead us to the right person and that there may be a great sense of unity in all our decisions.